About Heartstrings Paper & Press

Heartstrings Paper and Press is your premier custom stationery house in Western Montana we provide custom designs to suit each event, including birth announcements, graduation announcements,  wedding invitation ensembles(save the dates, invitations, menu’s programs, thank you notes) business & personal stationary, holiday cards, birthday invitations and custom greetings, just ask.

Founded on the principles of creativity, determination and hard work, Heartstrings Paper and Press is dedicated to serving our clients each and every day.

Locally owned and operated, Heartstrings Paper and Press is committed to operating in the best interests of sustainability and social responsibility.

Our Mission
Heartstrings Paper and Press is committed to providing one-of-a-kind designs to meet our clients’ needs, we understand what it takes to stand out, and we’re dedicated to helping you rise above the rest. We won’t be satisfied until you are. to the best of our ability. <br><br>From the initial concept to the final printing we can handle your job from beginning to end

Friendly. Honest. Creative. 100% of the time.

About Heather

Greetings! My name is Heather and I am the owner/chief inspiration officer at Heartstrings Paper and Press> I started in 2011 as an off shoot of  Go Two Gals a graphic design, marketing and pr firm.

Heartstrings Paper and Press designs one-of-a kind wedding suites (invitations, save the dates, RSVP, etc.), birth announcements, holiday cards, birthday invitations and so much more.

Creating custom wedding invitations, or birth announcements is one of my favorite things to do. I love helping people share the special moments in their lives in creative way.

My goal is to design an amazing invitation that will not only reflect your unique style but will also set the tone for your special celebration. Whether you’re celebrating an elegant wedding or having a chic cocktail party, the design possibilities are endless.

Feel free to send me a message!


Our Green Statement

The world is a beautiful place and we are doing our part to keep it that way.  Heartstrings Paper & Press loves creating beautiful and memorable invitations,  stationery in a sustainable manner.

As we see it being green isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not new, it’s the way we’ve always done its.In the paper and printing business, that’s no easy task. From our offices to our eco-friendly product mix, making responsible choices influences all that we do.

No matter the color of our products, they’re all green. We strive to work with companies that support sustainable forestry and/or use alternative energy in production. Most of the papers in our collection have components of recycled products and are made without chlorine chemistry. By eliminating chlorine, the pulps have a high tear and fiber strength. The stronger the paper, the great it’s ability to be recycled.

We have 3 stocks that are made with 100% post consumer fiber, and 9 stocks that are 100% tree-free made from either cotton or bamboo fibers. We carefully maximize the yield of each stock saving paper and money.

We’re environmentally conscious even when it comes to shipping our products. All of our packing materials are biodegradable or recyclable. Made from natural vegetable starch, our packing “peanuts” can be dissolved in water or planted into a compost pile.

Heartstrings Paper and Press actively seeks ways to shrink our carbon footprint. We us online invoicing and proofing, (clients are provided with one hard copy proof)

Heartstrings Paper & Press Loves the Environment & Local Businesses

Our parent company Go Two Gals is an active member in the Sustainable Business Council, and is taking part in their Strive Towards Sustainability program. They take the lessons learned and pass them on to us.  We value the environment and sustainable business.  We do our part by provide services in a way that moves the world forward.

In April of 2010 Heather participated in the Sustainable Business Council‘s Strive Towards Sustainability program.

We are proud to announce that we have achieved striver status.

STS Strivers…demonstrate genuine commitment and progress toward embracing and implementing environmental and social sustainability practices.  The Strivers level is the entry level recognition and is earned by accruing five Greenpoint two or more badges, and sending one stakeholder to the Strive Towards Sustainability introductory workshop.


  • We have sustainability policies including proofing the majority of materials digitally.
  •  Promotes sustainability in partnership with other businesses and organizations by serving on various boards and participating in many groups including (Missoula Buisinesswomen’s Network, Social Media Club, Sustainable Business Council, Big Brothers Big Sisters Missoula).


  • We consider the impact of suppliers when choosing suppliers, choosing to work with local vendors and suppliers


  • Conserves energy by using CFL light bulbs and adjusting the thermostat according to the season
  • Use natural lighting as permited


  • Minimizes waste by using electronic proofing and e-mail communications with clients, reusing paper with printing on one side, working from their homes, and forgoing a retail location
  • Recycles print cartridges, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, cans, and bottles


  •  Uses a highly efficient HVAC system
  • Has energy efficient lighting systems and utilizes natural light


  • Educates customers about sustainability by discussing the use of natural/organic inks and recycled/recyclable paper


  • Donates to non-profit organizations including donating services to the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network for their annual member directory and working in trade in exchange for a testimonial or logo on promo materials
  • Volunteers in the community with Big Brothers Big sisters
  •  Uses local products and services.

The STS program is a self-reporting program. The information submitted is not audited, verified, or certified by Sustainable Business Council. For details about the program or activities reported to Sustainable Business Council by this member go to http://www.sbcmontana.org